Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is pictures of my husband and 2 great grandsons with their horses, yes my husband Bob is really into riding now that he has his own horse. And it's true he talks more to her than me, I think it's because there is no back talk.These horses are all out to my daughters farm, and it's about 44 miles from us and with gas prices so high he doesn't get out there as much as he would like. Now that all the plants are planted all he has to do is mow the lawn that gives him more time for riding. Bob bought me a new weed whacker, cordless, self feed, the old one was always stopping to re feed the cord, what a pain and the cord had to be so long it was always tangled with something in in the yard. If anyone is looking for plant stands or shelves for their garden, check out my store so how does your garden grow?