Friday, January 15, 2010

1950 FORD

This is the main project around our house for about a year now. It's something my Bob has always wanted to do, restore an old 1950 Ford. It's looking really good here, but it needs a new motor, he finally got one that works after trying 4 of them. He wants everything original...Do you know how hard that can be finding a 60 year old engine that works?  There is a plus with this, he has had lot's of friends over checking things out. And it has taken many cases of beer (for visitors) to keep things going. Bob has decided he would never do this again, he would buy one all finished. I can't wait for a ride, also it will be nice when I don't hear that we can't get that because I have to buy Ford parts. It has been interesting and mind bending for Bob. He says "I only hope to drive it before I die" He can be sooo negative sometimes, that's my Bob!!!