Monday, March 8, 2010


Well the old boys 50 Ford is now finished, so he has nothing to do. On these days I wish I could interest him in cooking. He insists he needs to eat(can you imagine that?) I love to bake really fattening food, but you can't really live on that (or can you?) I can find things to do just going on the computer, between my business on line and Farmville, Farmtown, My Diner, on facebook, twitter, and of coarse my games, it's easy to spend many hours on line. I think I will have to find him another project that keeps him out in the garage, because he is very hard of hearing and it gets really noisy here with the tv on. I did get out to gamble last week, came home with $20.00. Better than nothing I guess, can't wait to go again. Watched the Oscars and my two favorites won, Jeff and Sandra, so very happy for them, they deserved an Oscar. Time to think about cooking so until next time. Be Safe!