Saturday, November 28, 2009


Jingle all the way home with only jingling change in your pocket after a day shopping for Christmas, but I am missing the snow, yes I said snow! Lot's of people don't want it yet (or never) I love it, that's why I love Minnesota, great changing seasons. There is a problem about the Holiday's though....THE FATTENING WONDERFUL FOOD! I will start baking and eating and baking, my husband is now the Rosette Maker in this house, something I never dreamed he would do. One less thing for me to do so you rock Bob! And they are very tasty. The tree goes up tomorrow, and that makes it all real. If I could I would leave the tree up always because I love sitting at night here with the only light is coming from the tree. I'm wishing everyone a great and Happy Holiday...Peace be with you all.